George Deep

Artist and Illustrator

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About Us

I'm and artist and illustrator and have been working in the art field professionally for almost 30 years. I work in a variety of mediums including pencil, paint and digital. In the early 2000's I was approached to work on 2 unique projects. The first, a digital version of the popular Earth X series for Marvel and Alex Ross and another on the long running character Vampirella in her anime styled Vampi series. From there it's been a long roller coaster of a ride working on literally thousands of pieces of trading card art, paintings and illustrations. I've had the wonderful opportunity over the years to work with many great companies and people on their licenses including:


Marvel Comics

DC Comics

AMC's The Walking Dead

Aspen Comics

Hero Games

Haberlin studios

Harris Comics

Dynamic Forces

I'm still to this day now working on many trading card series. I'm also currently working on my own creator owned work based on the many characters I've created over the years.

I am currently available for freelance work and commissions so please contact me here for your project needs! Contact Me!