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Artist and Illustrator

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Commissions Status

Commissions are currently open.

Commission Prices

Sketch Card Commission Pricing

Sketch Cards/PCS

$30 on average

These cards are done on my professionally printed, personal card stock/PCS and are done to your specifications. There are no license restrictions as these are one of a kind originals.

Artist Proofs

$50-$300 (Depending on which set)

I have literally 100's of Artist Proofs from a crazy amount of sets I've worked on. I will be trying to post a list of what I have available very soon. (Posted on 1/3/2021)

I have cards from the following licenses:

Marvel Comics

DC Comics

Viceroy Cards

Axebone Studios

Star Wars

The Walking Dead


And Many, Many More!

Sketch Covers

$100 and Up

I have an extensive collection of blank sketch covers ready to be commissioned. I will be posting a list of what I have available in the near future. Until then then please contact me HERE to and let me know what you are looking for.









Pricing for Magic The Gathering Altering Commissions Currently Not Available
1) These prices are for me doing art on your card.
2) I do not supply the cards. (We can work something out if I need to acquire or pull from my collection the cards you wish to have altered within reason.)
3) Prices are based on my work and not the card or card value.
4) The price of altering your cards will be the same no matter if it was on a Basic Land or a Black Lotus.
5)I am currently not altering foils. I may in the future though.
Boarder Extension - $30 - $50
New Art Alter - $75
Full Extension - (Samples Coming Soon)
Minor Alterations - (Samples Coming Soon)